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BiDiB-Wizard is a configuration program especially designed for BiDiB decoders, enabling you to change their properties and define macros.
BiDiB-Wizard is built using the Java programming language, so it can run on any platform that provides Java support.


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BiDiB-Wizard is a configuration program especially designed for Decoders, 
which enables you to change their properties and define macros.

BiDiB-Wizard Description:

The Decoders are written in Common Lisp using the BiDiB protocol.
However, they are not a Lisp interpreter and are independent of the Lisp implementation.

How To Use BiDiB-Wizard:

BiDiB-Wizard is a configuration program that mainly consists of three modes:

* setters (see below)
* a list of macros
* a list of programs

That being said, the user can also create a source file and customize the macros and programs.

To use BiDiB-Wizard, download and install BiDiB-Wizard on your computer.
Launch it from the “Run Java program” menu.

How To Use BiDiB-Wizard:

Start BiDiB-Wizard using the menu “Run Java program”.
You can choose several settings via the right side of the window.

First settings: 

* (current-window) : sets the current window (top or bottom view of the library contents)
* (view) : sets the view (top, bottom or library)
* (text-font) : sets the font size of the text
* (text-color) : sets the color of the text in combination with the backdrop color.
* (backdrop-color) : sets the color of the backdrop in combination with the text color.
* (text-size) : sets the size of the text (in pixels).
* (text-style) : sets the style of the text (bold, normal, italic, normal with underline, etc.).

Second settings:

* (name) : sets the name of the tab, e.g. “BiDiB�

BiDiB-Wizard For PC


.. figure::../../../doc-files/DiB-Wizard.png
:alt: DiB-Wizard
:align: center
:width: 75%


What is it?
DiB-Wizard is a configuration program especially designed for DiBiDi decoders.
DiB-Wizard allows you to configure and run several decoders from one screen;
these can be compared and modified to suit your needs.
They can be used with many DiBiDi profiles, so that you can try out many combinations.
You can set the parameters of a decoder from the configuration screen, saving
these parameters when you exit.

How does it work?
DiB-Wizard allows you to choose a few or many decoders to use.
As the user changes the settings for one of these decoders, the settings for all others are changed automatically.
Each decoder is defined by a JavaBean object that controls its configuration, allowing you to easily change the settings of all these decoders.

What are the advantages of DiB-Wizard?
DiB-Wizard enables you to set the parameters of several decoders, in a quick and simple way.
After defining the parameters for one decoder, the others are updated to match
these new settings as soon as the parameters are saved.
For example, you can change the effective fonts of the decoder to one font size and letter
or adjust the display height of the decoder to one line height, and these settings will apply to all other decoders without you having to change them manually.
You can also choose to keep the settings for the decoders that currently have them set to the way that they were set when you started DiB-Wizard.

You can start any number of decoders separately on a single display with just a click of a button.
You can select and deselect decoders to compare and measure the

BiDiB-Wizard Download

Presents a comprehensive interface for manipulating the settings of a BiDiB decoder.
For optimal functionality, BiDiB-Wizard can control any BiDiB decoder that supports the XML format of
[DiB XML specification](

BiDiB-Wizard offers all the features of BiDiB-Pro.

Features and Benefits:

* Extracts all the settings from the entire DiB XML file using the parser
provided by BiDiB-Pro.

* Allows a user to control all the settings of a BiDiB decoder by modifying the DiB XML file.

* It displays a popup dialog box that allows you to define global settings for all of your decoders,
including the internal behaviour of the decoder.

* It can record the settings of a BiDiB decoder and save it as a new DiB XML file.

* Allows a user to define macros, a list of limited functions, which are related to an operation of the

* Allows a user to control the internal behaviour of a BiDiB decoder by customizing the entire DiB
XML file.

* It offers the possibility of defining menus, but also allows a user to customize the behaviour of
the decoder using a standard dialog box.

Getting Started:
For starting the use of this tool, you need to install the BiDiB software version 4.1.2 or later
on your system.

1. Select the next DiB XML file.

2. Choose the next operation.

3. Change the settings you want.

4. Choose the next action.

To begin using BiDiB-Wizard, select the following DiB XML file:
(Example of the full setup of DiB-Wizard)

– DiB XML file
– Start/Run
– – DiB-Pro
– – – DiB-Wizard
– – –

What’s New in the BiDiB-Wizard?


In the following description of BiDiB-Wizard, “Hebrew” will refer to Hebrew characters, or the hiddden lettering of Arabic or Greek.

BiDiB-Wizard is a user-friendly tool which makes it easy to change the properties of BiDiB decoders 

[CIRC] [CIRC] The BiDiB decoder that you are currently using (see Table \[tab:bibi\]).

Inputs required by BiDiB-Wizard to access and operate on the BiDiB decoder.

Outputs to the console

Command line options

Configuration file.

`Configuration file` allows you to modify the properties of the BiDiB decoder. Changes in the configuration file become effective the next time you start BiDiB-Wizard (for example if you restart your computer).

Command line options

The command line options enable you to change the properties of the BiDiB decoder without the help of BiDiB-Wizard. In this case, changes in the configuration file are not applied until you start BiDiB-Wizard next time.

Configuration file

Use the BiDiB-Wizard configuration file to modify BiDiB decoder properties. BiDiB-Wizard is a full-featured config file that lets you add commands and macros; use the new or modify existing macros; modify BiDiB decoder properties; specify the collation database (DB) to use; and allow you to specify the names and positions of the optional inputs and outputs. For example, create your own custom command, such as `MB-SH` (which plays the ISO 8691 (UCS) pronouncing groups in the same way as the default version `MB`), and add your own Mapping BiDiB decoder. [CIRC] [CIRC]



Support options for BiDiB decoders include:

– Specify the documents, their format and the language (or languages).

– Specify the version of the BiDiB decoder.

– Specify the DocZilla BiDiB parser.

– Choose the order of the input letters.

– Specify the morpho-phonetic rules used

System Requirements For BiDiB-Wizard:

* DOS 5.1 or later
* Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows NT, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Second Edition, Windows XP, Windows XP Second Edition, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Second Edition
* Service Pack 2 or later
* Internet Explorer 6
* Windows Media Player 10
* DirectDraw 8
* Pentium 150Mhz or faster processor
* 128MB of RAM (256MB recommended)
* 256MB of available hard drive space