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Before we dive into the sites let us first state the negatives of such kinds of software and why you should never download such software. As a matter of fact, such kinds of software are hardly ever safe and are nearly always laden with malware and spyware that can potentially be used to perform system login hijacking, credit card hijacking, identity theft and a number of other criminal activities. Therefore, avoid them at all cost.

Even though there are some in the industry that are very much interested in ridding society of all these kinds of software and are always on the lookout for good initiatives that will limit software piracy, the fact remains that there is no common software piracy solution and no way of way of easily detecting/preventing the illegal downloading of software. The only way of ensuring that no harmful software is downloaded is to prevent people from using such software in the first place. This is done by educating them about its dangers and the possibilities of legitimate software.

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