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One of the largest torrent sites among them [url=][/url], isn’t just dedicated to Ubuntu-related torrents, but also to the download of other operating systems. The site has been around since 2009 and they also offer application, music and even websites.

Dragon mines is a well known software download site that started out as a way to distribute cracked software (it got banned for this). Nowadays, they distribute many applications with varying levels of usability and functionality, including cracked software, like installers, drivers, software, and even the occasional game.

If you have a lot of software or games to download, check out the various categories on 10torrent. Such a website provides the user with lots of categories on which to browse for their required content.

Netduma is a website which generates a huge torrent list, and they guarantee that all the torrents are completely safe. But in fact there are some torrents which are completely safe for downloading, but a few of them are not. So you should be careful when you download torrents that you can find on this website.

This site is for you, if you want to download games and entertainment software. Just navigate the links as per your mood. If you are looking for video games, then you should look at PlayDeb , if you are searching for mobile application then Vamos and Mingpao are the best.

As the names suggest this is another site where you can download cracked software. You can download music, applications, books and much more from FileBurst . Also, check out FullFile for applications.