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This is one of the best sites in our list. It is updated with the newer games and the interface is easy to use. They have well working games, download free, no need to sign up or create a login, just download your software.

If not, theres a good chance youre clicking on something that will send you to a site that isnt one of the best torrent sites. Youll know it because it will have a lot of advertisement at the bottom of the page, and a small share icon on its right corner.

You should always try to check the source of the torrent youre downloading. Make sure its the official app page, not an alternative (theyre sometimes hidden inside an ad). Most torrent sites have a downloads section that lists exactly what the torrents files contain, and how many people have already downloaded them. If youre stuck or arent sure, ask in the comments below.

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Google Play Store is not the place for gaming apps, games, movies and more. On Google Play, you have to download the full version, no matter how long it takes. Google will keep the game for what they call an “expiry” period. That means you can install it, but you can’t play it for a period of time (usually 60 days).

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