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Berapa License Key Fmrte 13

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How do I add XML to an HTTP PUT request?

I know this is possible but I can’t find any information on doing it in any of the various HTTP libraries such as the one in PHP and the one in Node.
Basically I need to add XML to a PUT request but I can’t find any help on how to do this.
Edit: The PHP library I’m talking about is the one in the Horde framework, Horde_HTTP_Server->request->put


First, what you are trying to do is not supported by the HTTP protocol.
Anyway, here is how to do it with PHP.
You have two options:

add the XML as a body directly to the HTTP request
put the XML into the HTTP headers

The easiest way to do the first one is to generate the request directly and then add the XML as the body of the HTTP request using the add_header() function (note that in order to use this function, you need to use the PUT or DELETE verbs and not PATCH).
Here is an example:
// generate the XML as a string
$xml =


// create the request
$request = $server->createRequest();

// put the XML as body directly
$request->addHeader(‘Content-Type’, ’text/xml’);
$request->addHeader(‘Content-Length’, strlen($xml));
$request->body = $xml;

// put the XML in the headers directly
$request->headers = array(‘content-type’ => ’text/xml’);

For more information, take a look at the documentation of the addHeader() function.
As for the second option, I would suggest looking into the Headers class.


How to implement constructor/setters for a referenced class?

How do I do this?
class Foo:

def __init__(self, bar): = bar


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Rails ActionMailer not working after upgrade to ruby 2.0

I am using rails 3.2.13 and ruby 2.0.0 and am trying to get mail to work. I’ve tried to follow this answer but am getting an error.
In my application.rb file I have this:
config.action_mailer.raise_delivery_errors = true