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Beast messenger is a useful Instant Messaging service based on “MSN Messenger”, “Yahoo Messenger” and “AOL Instant Messenger”. The code is all written by us, so this is our first major project.
The GUI is incomplete in the current compiled version but our code dude is working on getting the already finished GUI mockups into the program, this is a difficult task for him but it will be worth it in the end. There are a few bugs with screen names and custom statuses right now, but all will be fixed in the future.


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Beast Messenger Cracked Version is a new and unique instant messenger! Using it you can chat as easily as with classic Yahoo or MSN messenger.
But the fun is not just in chatting and sending and receiving files; the fun is in the versatility of the messenger. Thanks to the advanced features of Beast Messenger you can add more features, like viewing emoticons, sending/receiving audio and video clips and so on. This is what Beast Messenger is all about, to bring in new features for you!
There is no need to stop using your favorite messenger, like Yahoo or MSN, because you can use this Beast Messenger! Simple and intuitive to use, Beast Messenger is a breeze to use.

Beast Messenger Features:

Beast Messenger is very easy to use. Just click the main button and open your chat, or click the icon in the system tray to open your chat automatically.
Beast Messenger supports the following clients:

Beast Messenger Supports AOL IM, Yahoo IM, MSN IM
You can login to Beast Messenger using the following logins:

Use AOL Messenger:

Enter your AOL userid and password.
You can use this beast messenger for free. AOL ID and password is required to log into Beast Messenger.

Use Yahoo Messenger:

Enter your Yahoo ID and password.
You can use this beast messenger for free. Yahoo ID and password is required to log into Beast Messenger.

Use MSN Messenger:

Enter your MSN ID and password.
You can use this beast messenger for free. MSN ID and password is required to log into Beast Messenger.

Beast Messenger can support multiple profiles.

Beast Messenger is a bright, colorful and clean messenger, it looks like a typical messenger program with a few features added to it. Our code-deity, Pav, started writing the code of Beast Messenger a while ago. The whole beast messenger code is written from scratch by him using the standard C++ programming language.
Beast Messenger is released under GNU/GPL (see the copyright section below), which means you can use and copy it (freely) for any purpose.
How does Beast Messenger get to be the biggest messenger around? A good answer to that question will most likely be that it’s simple, easy to use and supports a lot of clients. But there’s more! Beast Messenger is designed and programmed in C++ and supports 24-bit audio and video. You can send larger files using beast messenger than you can using

Beast Messenger Crack [Mac/Win] [Updated-2022]

Beast Messenger Torrent Download ( is an Instant Messenger (IM) that provides a customizable interface that will allow you to replace the standard chat window with a large number of pre-defined windows or screens containing custom status messages, email or file downloads, for example. These are usually called “Notifications” in this application.
There are also special programs included in the program that can send secure files via email and let you search/download files from the internet very easily.
The interface to the program is very simple, there are 6 buttons – Message, Set Custom Message, Set Profile, Set Status, Save Chat Log, and Exit.
You can also create your own application screens and add them to the application using the included API’s and build programs.
Beast Messenger Crack For Windows Features:
There are over 150 predefined windows or screens that you can customize.
It has a “Notifications” feature that allows you to display up to 20 custom text-based messages, or 30 pre-built images, for example.
The application comes with five “basic” pre-built applications – MiniMessenger, NotificationList, Automatic Downloads, ControlNotifications and File Finder.
The file-finding program searches the web for the files you can download on the internet, it can search at one time for up to 20 files.
The ControlNotifications application makes it possible for you to control the “Notifications” screen of Beast messenger from another window (e.g. another IM, a spreadsheet, etc)
Beast Messenger FAQ:
Q: When sending a secure file (e.g. from a Gmail account) can it be sent into a POP3 client?
A: Yes. The application will detect the POP3 program your computer is using and open the correct file.
Q: How to contact you?
A: Send an email to us at and we will be happy to help you.
If you have a feature request, please mail us at as well.

Last week we have added some enhancements to Beast messenger. There are also some new releases for BMD out there.
New features:
1. Automatic downloads from the internet – this is made possible by the new core API called AdvancedWebFeeds. This application makes it possible to automatically download all the files from the internet, with just a single click in the NotificationList screen. It works with the AdvanceWebFeed

Beast Messenger Crack+ Product Key Full [32|64bit]

Beast Messenger is a lightweight alternative for the “Yahoo Messenger”, “AOL Instant Messenger” and “MSN Messenger” that can be used on multiple platform from Linux, Mac, Windows and other OSes. The software is written in C++ and it is licensed under the GNU GPL, meaning that it can be freely distributed, modified, and improved by anyone.
The program is made up of a application interface (and messenger) and a network access layer. The messenger part is the core component which is responsible for the sending and receiving of messages between users. The other parts act as a “buffer” for data, such as the password and chat history. Both the messenger and the buffer are of course very important.
The messenger comes with support for:
Message Status
Chat Log

The GUI is incomplete in the current compiled version but our code dude is working on getting the already finished GUI mockups into the program, this is a difficult task for him but it will be worth it in the end. There are a few bugs with screen names and custom statuses right now, but all will be fixed in the future.
Beast Messenger Features:

Support for multiple chat platforms.
Support for multiple instant messenger clients.
Support for multiple media types.
Support for multiple chat activities such as chatting, game playing, car racing and so on.
Push notifications
Support for limited custom emoticons.

Just a few minor issues with the GUI, nothing major at all.
Thank you for checking out our software!
We have been blessed with great support from the “Beast Messenger” website and Wiki (we don’t have a website of our own yet) that we would like to extend to you as well.
If there is anything that you would like to see in our software, please join the development by sending us a message on the website or via our development forums on another forum.
Current Development Status:

Screen names being case sensitive isn’t working.
Custom emoticons are not being converted by the chat window correctly.
A file dialog box isn’t being displayed properly.
Labeling of components can’t be turned off.

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What’s New In Beast Messenger?

A different Instant Messaging service. This one has a different look and feel to it. Its interface is more like it was made out to be used when using Windows Messenger. To be honest, we didnt make it for Windows Messenger, or Windows for that matter, but we just thought it would be fun to create something “Windows Messenger” type.
Beast Messenger Features:
– NO registration required! This is a free service.
– Easy to use, everything you need is right at the top and in the center of the screen. To get your friends list, on the top there’s the searchbar for finding people, from there you simply type in their name and hit enter.
– A huge list of usable chatrooms for you and your friends to participate in.
– We give you message windows for reply and new messages, with a little window where you can view other people’s message windows.
– A great filter that allows you to easily look through the list of friends that you can be added to, or that someone added to you, with the ability to add or remove friends.
– A cute customizable userbar that you can change the color of, also you can add as many buttons and/or links as you want.
– Zones for chatting, and files you can attach to your message windows.
– Chat history with reply and new messages on the top of the chat window.
– And a few other features.
Available in:
– Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
– Linux
– Windows Messenger: Like the Windows Messenger, Beast Messenger supports uploading pictures to your buddies, and it also supports voice calls. Its biggest feature is however that it supports the Windows Messenger’s nickname and buddy list.
Linux Systems: To download the Linux version, you can get it from
Code: If you’d like to download the code you can get it on our SourceForge page.
There are a few bugs with usernames and custom status’ right now.

Well, I dont know what all you people think, but it seems like a lot of people hate this program… I guess if that’s the case then we are going to have to stop supporting it. Basically the only reason its still running is because of people using it and since most people have stopped then it will have to go down. Beast Messenger actually came from a browser program we had

System Requirements For Beast Messenger:

-DirectX 11-ready graphics cards
-CPU: 2.0 GHz or faster
-RAM: 1 GB
-HDD: 2 GB
-Local network connection with a compatible Internet browser
– Minimal settings. No loading screens. Run to your heart’s content.
– Simple controls. The essential functions and tutorial are accessed with the press of a button.
– No internet connection. There is no need to leave your room.
This is a