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The AudioSphere product contains multiple sound effects and music files in various file formats. Our products are NOT illegal or malware.

You can use all of the files within the AudioSphere product, but you must remove any copyrighted sound effects you have created yourself. They are for use only in the AudioSphere product.

Also, do not copy any files you want to keep in your MP3 Players, portable players, home audio/video systems, or cell phones. You can either burn them to CDs or write to any digital audio or video storage media (hard drive, compact flash, USB Flash drive, e-mail, etc.).

Why are the audio files on this website locked?
AudioSphere’s audio files were originally released and sold without any copy protection or copyright restrictions. They may now be licensed for use in other applications that are not allowed to duplicate the audio files. You may not use the audio files in any other media. Audio files are locked to prevent this from happening.
The lock was placed on the files after numerous people complained that they could not legally use the files for commercial purposes without the appropriate permission.
What is AudioSphere?
AudioSphere is a Volume/Treble/Balance/Bass controls application that will provide greater functionality and ease-of-use than the Windows Volume Control and its’ beautiful interface is so compact that it can be left on the desktop for continuous, real-time control of all your computer’s audio functions


AudioSphere works for any operating system that is compatible with 32-bit drivers (Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8)

It is available for purchase as a “setup file” to install AudioSphere on a Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, or Vista-based computer. All versions of Windows support over 99.99% of all applications.

Download or visit the Demo page for the full version of AudioSphere.

If you purchase the AudioSphere installer, you will receive a license key that allows you to use AudioSphere without charge for 30 days. After the 30 day period, you will be prompted to register the software by clicking on the “register” button on the AudioSphere main screen. The registration screen will ask you for your email address and a license key. The license key is the same one you used to purchase the software. You will then receive a second email from us containing your registration information.


AudioSphere Crack+ Download For Windows

KEYMACRO is a utility for the KBM1-Mini Keyboard. It provides a wide range of features:
■ Keyboard functions: ability to bind a macro to keys.
■ Web-browser functions: ability to open a web page specified by the macro.
■ Text-to-speech function: ability to play a text file specified by the macro.
■ E-mail functions: ability to send an email specified by the macro.
■ Information functions: ability to get information about specified programs, such as title, file size, running status and CPU usage.
You can press keys on your keyboard and have things happen on your computer. It is a “macro” utility, but it is limited in the commands it can perform. You need to use the EDIT menu to create your own macros that can be bound to your keyboard.
Using Keymacro you can bind any of the following:
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■ Arrow keys to the next program in the task list.
■ Right arrow key to the previous program in the task list.
■ Left arrow key to the next program in the task list.


AudioSphere License Keygen

* The ideal replacement for the now missing “Volume” control in Windows XP.
* An excellent choice for media player controls, due to its’ fast access to volume/balance/bass/treble control.
* Simple and easy to use, yet offers the same great functionality as the Windows Volume Control, but in a different way, in a different color, and with different presets.
* Supplied as a “setup.exe” and “Readme.txt” that explain how to use this software and how to make it work the way you want it to.
* Incompatible with SoundFX Volume Control.
* Designed and tested on Windows XP, but will also work on Windows 2000 and Vista.
* Inclusion of standard and the free, very good, AudioFX Volume Screenshots on:

[ 200D ] Cascading3D SoundSniper
Filesize: 29.1 MB (2942884 bytes)
Cascading3D SoundSniper is a high-speed sound optimization tool which offers a simple and intuitive interface for correcting the major problems of speed loss and low volume caused by modern sound cards.

[ 201D ] cBass
Filesize: 12.5 MB (1312659 bytes)
cBass is a compact and fast bass and treble adjustment application. It offers one-click, precise bass and treble control in the form of useful presets, and one-click left/right channel inversion to get your sound the way you want it. It’s so compact that you’ll never notice it.

[ 202D ] cMute
Filesize: 27.2 MB (2827092 bytes)
cMute allows you to conveniently and quickly mute the game audio sound in your game. It can mute all game sounds and/or specific game sounds. You can use this program to mute all your game sounds and turn it back on when you are playing.

[ 203D ] ZenMute
Filesize: 10.9 MB (1146096 bytes)
ZenMute is a freeware software that lets you mute the game audio sound in your game. Unlike cMute, ZenMute is a little bit different. It offers a two-way sound control: you can either mute all game sounds, or you can mute specific game sounds.

[ 204D ] CMutefreak
Filesize: 38.7 MB (

What’s New In?

AudioSphere lets you take advantage of all of your audio devices, no matter the brand or the type. AudioSphere provides a single way to control all of your audio devices, whether it’s stereo sound from a pair of speakers, mp3 files on an mp3 player, or a cd in your cd player. AudioSphere provides you with both analog and digital volume controls, bass, treble, and balance controls, as well as muting controls, presets, and many other audio and video tools. AudioSphere can even be configured to control your volume and balance controls automatically, ensuring that all of your audio and video files will be automatically and accurately adjusted by AudioSphere, thus saving you from the frustration of dealing with multiple control panels and menus.

AudioSphere, the perfect tool for all of your audio devices!

To avoid any confusion, AudioSphere has been designed as a single integrated tool to get your audio and video working together without any headaches. In addition to the Volume/Treble/Balance/Bass and Muting controls, AudioSphere provides a direct analog volume control, a level indicator, and of course mute controls. AudioSphere offers you the easiest way to control all of your audio and video devices!

The controls are so easy to use that you can learn them in seconds, and in no time at all, you’ll be controlling your audio device’s settings using the push of a button, while enjoying your music or video collection with a minimum of effort.

System Requirements:

*Windows 7/8 (64bit)
* 2GB memory
* 70mb free space
*C++ (no C)
*.NET Framework 3.5 or higher
*** Installer ***
This will download the latest version of the PPSSPP game and place it in your “Downloads” folder.
*** Guide ***
To run the game you will first need to download and install.NET Framework 3.5.