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If you don’t like the inverted appearance of the page, you can click in the top-left corner of the picture to return it to normal.

7. **Adjust the Brightness and Contrast**.

Now that the image is in focus, you can bring it back to the brightness and contrast you want. Adobe’s panels offer a range of brightness and contrast adjustment tools that produce pleasing-looking results quickly.

8. **In the Layers panel (Window → Layers), set the eye’s layer to be active**.

You’ll work with this layer throughout the rest of this book.

9. **Use any of the tools in the Tools panel (Windows → Tools) to adjust the brightness and contrast**.

Adjust the image so that the eyes stand out more and contrast is maintained throughout the image.

With this image as your current one, everything below the eye is visually dark, so you’ll use the Levels adjustment tool to lighten the rest of the image, then darken the eye, using two different layers, an adjustment layer and a mask.

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30 Photoshop Tutorials You Must Watch

Here are 30 Photoshop tutorials, to help you learn Photoshop from the basics. All of these tutorials are created by me, and there are more than a hundred more Photoshop tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Photoshop tutorials from top 15 Instagram photographers

Instagram is one of the best photo-sharing social networks in the world. In this Photoshop tutorial series, I’ll show you how a photographer named ‘stevew’ from Israel created 15 cool portraits using Photoshop and other tools.

I like his simplicity and big compositions.

1. Photoshop Graphics

This tutorial will show you all the basic Photoshop layers. The key to a good look is in the background. He chose a good one and used a simple basic frame for each of the portraits.

2. Photoshop Portrait

Nice lighting, simple lighting.

3. Portrait with Facial Expression

He included a whole story in this one. Photoshop is the best tool for editing facial expressions.

4. Portrait with Weathered Face

5. Professional Portrait with Waves

This Photoshop tutorial is one of the coolest. And the author has a lot of patience.

6. Portrait of a Man

A young man with a beard, with a difficult background. He made a great job.

7. Blurred Portrait

A cute girl with big eyes, amazing background. He created this perfect portrait just with Photoshop.

8. Pixie Kids

Using Photoshop brushes, he created a pixie kids’ cartoon portrait.

9. Rainbow Colored Portrait

10. High Quality Portrait

Stunning girl.

11. Portrait of the Human

A beautiful portrait of the human.

12. Beautiful Portrait of a Baby

His baby portrait was a little bit messy, but he’s a very skillful photographer.

13. Soft Portrait with High Quality Lighting

He used a simple soft light to create this portrait. He created the natural lighting using gradient fill.

14. Colorful Watercolor Portrait

This is a watercolor portrait. This portrait was created with the use of painterly brushes.

15. Portrait with Black & White Filter

He created this portrait using black & white filters.

16. Portrait of a Couple

With a simple lighting

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The Pen tool is also one of the most versatile tools, and can be used to create or edit text, shapes or paths, and drawings.

If you want more control and flexibility, you will need to purchase a Photoshop plug-in that will add features such as transforming objects or warping canvases and backgrounds.

The image and multimedia editing software Photoshop is essential for creating websites. The software also comes with a variety of tools that you can use to enhance your photos and graphics. Let’s see some of the most useful ones here.

Image Effects

The Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS6 software come with a vast array of effects you can use to give an image a new look. In fact, Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS6 comes with more than 175 different effects.

The 27 Effects List

Unlike other image editing software packages, which have dozens of effects, Photoshop CS5 and CS6 come with 27 effects. You can access the effects using the Effects panel (Window → Effects → Desaturate, as shown in Figure 11-4), which is divided into sections according to the type of effect. Each section represents a category of effects: Grading, Sharpening, Blur, Color, Dimensional, Distortion, and so on.

**Figure 11-4:** The effects are easy to use and offer countless possibilities.

To activate a particular effect, click it in the Effects panel. For example, if you want to use the Colorize effect, click it in the list and then click the white square in the Effects panel.

The Effects are easy to use and offer countless possibilities. For example, you can apply the Colorize effect to a text, which transforms the type into a rainbow of colors (Image RGB > Colorize).

Blur and Sharpen

Blur and sharpen effects are the most popular ones. You can apply them to any part of the image to sharpen or soften the image. You can blur a photo by using a circular or horizontal or vertical blur. You can also sharpen by using a Gaussian, filter or brush tool.

Figure 11-5 illustrates the difference between a blur and a sharpen.

Figure 11-5: Using a blur or a sharpen effect on the same layer in Photoshop.

Photo and Video Effects

Photoshop CS5 and CS6 come with a large collection of photo and video effects, such as video effects,

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