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Photoshop CS5 and earlier photoshop uses the file extension.PSD. Photoshop CS6 uses the extension.PSDx. Photoshop CC uses the extension.PSDx, so double-check what version you are using, as some pages may still use the older.PSD.

Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements 13

Photoshop CS6 and the new version of Photoshop Elements 13 both include the Bridge module (which is available in Photoshop CS6 only). The Bridge module offers a fast way to find your photos and display them, allows you to share them with others, and even include them in a slideshow.

With this updated program, you can batch process images as well. You can even do some of the editing with layers within Photoshop in a separate window, as Figure 7-9 shows. It’s like having multiple windows and multiple programs open on the computer screen at the same time.

The new program also includes Instant Previews, which enables you to preview what a certain portion of an image will look like before you actually apply that edit to the image. (See the nearby sidebar, “Using Instant Previews.”)

In addition, you can create a new composition in Photoshop or export an existing layout into a new Photoshop document. You can even copy and paste your existing images into new compositions.

**Figure 7-9:** With this new program, you can work on multiple images at once, or a selected image in addition to the original image.

Innovative features

Here are some of Photoshop’s most innovative and useful features:

Content-aware fill: This option enables you to fill in areas of your photo that are masked by other shapes. It’s similar to the clone tool in CorelDRAW. The idea is that you can fill in the exact area of your photo that is covered by something like a sticker — even if that object isn’t on the photo. You can adjust the fill method to get the effect you want.

Print command: This new feature enables you to print images that are up to 4 x 6 inches on most Canon and HP printers. You can also print high-resolution prints of up to 8.5 x 11 inches.

With the Print command, you can print your composite image by selecting the image you want to print and choosing Print from the top menu (the same way you select a JPEG print or other print options in a picture file). You can also create your own custom print paper sizes

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Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool that has been commonly used for photos editing and multimedia. It is known as the most popular media editing program in the world. It provides more than 100 features for image editing, paint and photo retouching, web designing and retouching, 3D creation, color grading and correction, etc.

Adobe Photoshop can give a lot of help to the graphic designers, web designers, photographers, painters, and other multimedia artists. However, it is costly for most of the graphic designers and photographers to purchase this program. In this post, we will list the best free programs that are the alternatives to Photoshop.

Editor’s notes: The list below is our selection of the best free Photoshop alternatives, based on the work the software has done for us and the tools that makes us love it.

Best Free Photoshop Alternatives List

This is the best free Photoshop alternatives for all types of users.

Adobe Photoshop Alternative:

Free Photo Editing: Photoshop alternative, free. Wide support.

Tutorial: An advanced Photoshop guide for beginners.

Buy: An alternative to Adobe Photoshop for $19.99.

Adobe Photoshop Alternative: wpEditor

Free Photo Editing: Photoshop alternative, free. Wide support.

Tutorial: 10 Photoshop alternatives for beginners to use.

Buy: A Photoshop alternative for $19.99.

Adobe Photoshop Alternative: PraPhoto

Free Photo Editing: A web-based editor for non-technical professionals.

Tutorial: Create an illustrated photo from scratch.

Buy: An alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Alternative: TexturePix

Free Photo Editing: A web-based editor for non-technical professionals.

Tutorial: How to unlock textures for free.

Buy: An alternative to Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Alternative: MsPaint

Free Photo Editing: Photoshop alternative, free.

Tutorial: Have fun with color in the Paint Tool.

Buy: An alternative to Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Alternative: PicMonkey

Free Photo Editing: Photo editor for Free. Free and quick.

Tutorial: Make your picture pop.

Buy: Free photo editor.

Adobe Photoshop Alternative: PikPik

Free Photo Editing: Photoshop alternative, free.


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