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What is an Image?

The term “image” or “picture” is used colloquially to describe the digital representation of a visual scene that we see in the real world. In this context, an image is a digital representation of reality.

A digital image is a collection of pixels that present a visual scene. The pixels are the smallest units of digital image formation, and so the term “pixel” is often used to describe an individual bit of color information in a digital image.

A digital image can be formed as a 2-dimensional array of pixels that present a visual scene. A typical “normal” digital image has a width and a height. In Photoshop, some image formats allow for vector-based editing of lines, curves, and shapes, but we’ll focus on the typical rectangular format.

Digital images are often stored in file formats such as BMP, JPEG, GIF, PSD, PNG, TIFF, and so on. They can also be stored in a wide variety of other formats, such as an SD card for digital cameras, a DVD or USB drive for DVD or other optical disk, a video camera for recording analog video, and so on.

Many digital images that we see on the web or in printed publications are created as bitmaps. The term “bitmap” is used to describe a digital image that is based on a raster image, or a two-dimensional array of individual color pixels and blank cells. Bitmaps represent reality with a map-like level of resolution.

During the conversion process, the original image data is broken down into pixels and represented as black and white dots at different points in the image. In Photoshop, the resulting pixels are organized into a two-dimensional array, called a bitmap, that represents the visual scene.

There is no such thing as a photograph or a painting in digital form. Photographs are made from a bitmap. Drawings are also created from a bitmap, and so are paintings, animation, and movies in movie files. For a relatively short time, photographs were made from a raster image such as a negative of a film negative.

However, a digital photograph is not a copy. It’s a representation of an original scene that is stored in a bitmap. PhotoShop is used to arrange and manipulate this bitmap, but the original data is not duplicated.

Photoshop also provides powerful tools that are useful for manipulating digital images, but we’ll

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Features of Photoshop Elements

Any Photoshop features:

It provides you the same Photoshop editing tools.

Basic photo editing:

The original tools are very powerful with zooming and panning.

Basic image editing:

It provides basic tools. You cannot zoom the image while you work.

Adjustment layers:

You can use adjustment layers to add effects to your photo.


You can use widgets to create your own tools.

Camera RAW:

You can edit RAW files.


You can print your image in different sizes and formats.

Flatbed scanner:

You can scan and import RAW files.


You can remove unwanted objects or enhance existing ones.

Working with RAW files:

You can use RAW file formats that include all of the changes that your camera makes and you can easily repair photos using a RAW file if you need to do so. You need to install the converter provided by Adobe for this.

Matching HDR:

You can take multiple photos at different exposures and merge them together to create a single exposure.

Web-based editing:

You can edit your images on the web or via your device.

Layer style:

You can create different layers that can be combined to create various effects.

Retouching brush:

You can use one of the different brushes to retouch your image.

3D animation:

You can create your own 3D animated GIFs.


You cannot open RAW files or edit flatbed scanner output.


Animators, meaning individuals who create, direct and edit animation, are looking for a powerful and free photo editor. A recent example of Adobe Photoshop Elements being used as an animator’s software is the character skin transfer tool that allows users to create a specific type of animation, known as ‘Marquees’. Marquees are created through the use of Photoshop Element’s animated brushes.

You may also find Photoshop useful for

Generating a package deal of high-quality photographs for a charity or a wedding photographer, who may need a package of photographs for printing purposes.

Collage apps are photo editing programs that allow you to combine various images, add borders, and watermarks to create a collage. This is a fun way to

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Stan Laurel as Stan, Oliver’s brother
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Production notes
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SVG: How do I set the color of the current fill, but leave the fill white?

I have a custom-drawn bezier curve using SVG. The fill for the path is set to the current fill color, but I want the fill to be white.
See below: The black color I am attempting to set to the current fill, but it appears to be overriding it.


You can use currentColor as the fill for the path, and leave currentColor as the fill for the stroke of the path.
For instance:

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Additional Notes: