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If you find that your computer is slowing down when you’re working with Photoshop, check to see whether you have too many open files. Try closing some of them or, better yet, having some of your work set aside in your hard drive.

* _Photoshop 101, by Bryan Peterson_

If you want to work as a professional in the photo world, you need to know your Photoshop. Bryan Peterson’s book is quite comprehensive and walks you through basic Photoshop principles.

## Adobe Photoshop Elements

If Photoshop seems a bit overwhelming, you can save some time by choosing the program Photoshop Elements. Elements is a stripped-down version of Photoshop that’s ideal for beginners and to anyone who is intimidated by Photoshop’s complexity.

Even though Elements is a _smaller_ version of the full-blown Photoshop program, it offers many features to help you create and edit photographs. Features like adjustment layers and levels, filters, and layers are all here. Some also think that the user interface is a little easier to work with.

It is not. Like Photoshop, Elements gives you

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In this post, we will go through the best essential Photoshop tutorials for 2018.

What Is Photoshop?

The “Photoshop” is a trademark of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Photoshop is one of the world’s most widely used image editing software for photo retouching and image manipulation. This is the world’s most used image editing software.

We use Photoshop for professional and hobbyist.

We use Photoshop for design, illustration, advertising, real estate, fashion, blogging, graphic design, web design and photography.

The Best Essential Photoshop Tutorials For 2018

20 Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners

1. How to Clean Shadow Area on Images

2. Modify a Photo to Blurry Effect

3. How to Remove Photo Edges With Clone Stamp

4. How to Photoshop a Simple Photo Into Black-and-White

5. How to Make a Vintage Photo Easier to Work With

6. Changing Skin Tones

7. How to Edit Photos With the Gradient Filter

8. How to Create Simple Instagram Photography

9. Remove Painty Eyes

10. Find the Hidden Hair on a Subject With the Corrected Hairs plugin

11. Find the Hidden Background Behind a Subject with One Click

12. Remove Glasses With the Clone Stamp

13. Catch an Expression

14. Create a Cool Photo Collage

15. Creating a Texture Look on a Photo

16. Change a Photo in a Blend with a Glow Filter

17. Make an Eye Catchy with Filter Distort

18. Capture a Photo of a Multicolored Background

19. Create a Simple Word Filter

20. Create an Experimental Art Piece

1. How to Clean Shadow Area on Images

The Clean Shadow or Clipping lets you remove some or all of the shadow on the picture. This is used for removing unwanted shadow from a subject in a photo.

2. Modify a Photo to Blurry Effect

The Blurr a Image Effect, allows the photo to look cloudy and blurred effect.

3. How to Remove Photo Edges With Clone Stamp

The Clone Stamp is a tool used for removing unwanted area of an image by duplicating it from the place where it is used.

4. How to Photoshop a Simple Photo Into Black-and-White

Font Style Photoshop Cs3 Free Download

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* _Brushes_ : These are the tools used to paint on an image. You can use them to paint any art, such as graffiti, paintings, or illustrations.
* _Advanced_ : If you press the Advanced button, you open the Options bar, which allows you to access several features of Photoshop.
* _Special_ : You can turn on or off special effects, such as the healing brush.
* _Adjustment_ : You can edit the values of the various adjustments by using the sliders below the image (assuming that the Adjustment panel is open).
* _Pen_ : Use a pen tool to create text, logos, and other art; erase unwanted pixels; and draw a selection.
* _Magic Wand_ : This tool is like a magnet that finds the background color you designate. If you want to change that color, click the Select None button in the Options bar.
* _Lasso_ : Use the Lasso tool to make non-destructive selections of areas of an image.
* _Clone Stamp_ : The Clone Stamp is the most basic tool in the edit toolbox. It allows you to copy an area and paste it into any other area of an image.
* _Eraser_ : A computer tool that allows you to erase unwanted pixels or other small markings on the document.
* _Paint Bucket_ : This is a tool that allows you to mix foreground and background colors.
* _Gradient_ : This allows you to create a color gradient by mixing foreground and background colors.
* _Burn/Dodge_ : These tools are like the eraser and allow you to fix defects in your work. You can either burn an area to make it white, or dodge an area to make it black.
* _Levels_ : This tool is like a histogram that helps you keep the grayscale of the image consistent from one area to the next.
* _Adjustment Panel_ : You can access this tool from the Window menu by clicking the Adjustment icon ( ). The Adjustment panel displays the histogram of the image, and you can adjust the exposure, levels, highlights, and shadows.
5. **Choose File > Save.**
6. **Select the file

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