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Thanks for visiting my web page! As the name implies, Photoshop is a graphics editor. It supports every major art form, including sculpting, painting, photography, web graphic design, etc. This tutorial will discuss your basic use of Photoshop including layers, primitives, selections, layers, and the importance of color correction.

This tutorial will discuss how to use the various tools in Photoshop. Some of the tools are key staples in artists’ and designers’ toolboxes, while others are simply basics, and allow you to adjust the effects on a photograph or graphics.

The Basic Layers

Photoshop has many layers that work like window panes in an operating system that are overlaid. Each layer contains one or more elements such as color, text, or any other element. You can work on any layer or group of layers at once, plus any layers in any group can be moved or resized or deleted without affecting the other layers.

Layers have toolbars that come up when you hover over them (and change to a color that matches the color of the currently highlighted button when you click on it). A menu opens when you click the ‘Layers’ drop down menu on the toolbars. You can show or hide any layer in the layers window (right-click the layer in the layers window and choose’show/hide’ or you can right-click on a layer and choose’show/hide’). You can also change the order of the layers in the layers window. Each layer can have a different blend mode (e.g., multiply, screen, or lighten) and opacity (although an opaque background can be used to hide an element).

Each of the layer elements of a photo can be made separate by using the ‘Show/Hide’ panel in the Layers menu. Any elements that are not made separate go onto one of the ‘layers’ by using the ‘New Layer’ option in the layers menu or the ‘Layer/Layer Via Copy’ menu in the Layers menu.

Note: When you make separate layers, you can also create groups by going to the layer menu and clicking on ‘Groups’ in the Layers menu or going to the menu item that says ‘Groups’ in the layers window.

To change the color or opacity of an element, right-click on the layer and choose the effect that you want. For example, you can choose the blend mode,

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11 Best Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

The best method to edit images, create memes, organize your photos, make a stunning travel image or design a website is with the right keyboard shortcuts. Photoshop keyboard shortcuts will let you make the most of your editing options.

In this guide, we’ll give you the keyboard shortcuts that will be most effective for you if you want to use Photoshop for editing images, designing websites, or making memes.

Let’s start with photo editing.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop Editing

You’ll need to focus on editing the most important elements of your image: colors, shades, faces, shapes, reflections, shadows, and light.

In this article, we’ll walk through the keyboard shortcuts you need to edit your photos with Photoshop.

The main shortcuts include:

Arrow keys: Move the selection to the next control point

Ctrl + arrow keys: Move the selection to the previous control point

Delete: Delete the selected image area

Alt + Arrow Keys: Adjust the color of the selected image area with the default colors of Photoshop

Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop Editing

Saving Your Edited Image

Now that you have edited your photo and saved the image, it’s time to upload it to social media.

Don’t worry about the image size. The file can be up to 5 MB (as long as you use the Standard profile).

Before uploading the image, there are two keyboard shortcuts you need to master:

Ctrl + S: save a copy of the image (also called ‘Save a Copy’)

Ctrl + Shift + S: save a copy of the image and create a new file (also called ‘Save a Copy’)

Using shortcuts such as Ctrl + S will let you save your edited photo without taking much time.

Using shortcuts such as Ctrl + Shift + S will let you save a copy of your edited image and create a new file.

The image editing shortcuts you need to know are:

Up arrow key: increase the size of the crop area

Left arrow key: decrease the size of the crop area

Down arrow key: enlarge the image area around the crop area

Right arrow key: enlarge the image area around the crop area

E: open the file browser

Tab: open a new file

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System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10

3 GHz or higher
5 GHz or higher
Core i5
Core i3
2 GHz or higher
Source: PCWorld
Mac Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
1.5 GHz processor
Source: Macworld