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If you’ve ever seen someone in a magazine or on television use Photoshop, you’re probably familiar with some of the most common tools and their purposes. However, here are the eight tools Photoshop provides that enable you to manipulate photographs. Expand Photo This tool is essentially a shortcut for the icon in the Layers panel. It enables you to apply Photoshop’s filter effects, like the Sunflare effect, to a layer, as well as dissolve and blemish the layer. To apply the effect, right-click the layer to activate the tool (as shown here), and click “Apply Sunflare” in the little window that pops up. Go to View > Adjustment Layers to put your image in the layer to be edited. To remove a filter from a layer, right-click the layer and choose “Remove Filters From Layer.” Group Photo This tool is a Photoshop filter that offers a way to group layers. If you create layers for a photo, you may want to use this tool. To use the Group Photo effect, press Shift-Ctrl-G to open the dialog box. Make Layer Editable To use this tool, simply right-click a layer, and then make the layer editable. The layer shows up in the Layers panel and is ready to be modified. Add/Remove Layer This tool adds or removes a layer from the project. To add a layer, you must first right-click the layer you wish to add and then click “Add New Layer.” You can also click “Merge Down” to merge up to three layers into one. To remove a layer, select “Layer 1” or the layer you wish to remove, right-click and choose “Delete Layer.” Load Bitmap This tool loads a JPEG bitmap image into the working canvas. To load an image from a file, click the “File > Open…” button and browse for the image. Select the image, and then click “Open.” You can also drag an image from another part of the window to the canvas. Scale Photo This tool enables you to scale the image. Drag one corner of the image to begin the scaling process. Once the desired size has been reached, you can place the cursor over the image (as shown here) to see the actual dimensions. To adjust the scaling options, drag the

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So if you are looking for a perfect alternative to Photoshop, this article will be very helpful for you. We will have an in-depth look at Photoshop Elements 9 under the hood. What’s new? Features New in Photoshop Elements 9 include the following: A New interface! User-friendly for beginners Photo Filter and Easy Eye Enhance Faster with New Hi-Speed Editing Technologies Ostriches! New workflows for more freedom New, smarter tools in Expert Mode And so much more The interface of Photoshop Elements 9 is completely redesigned. And by “redesigned,” I don’t mean that it looks like another version of the interface. It is a completely new way of doing things. You’ll be using a side-by-side mouse interface. The elements you are working on will float in a vertical pane below the image you are editing. If you click on the file and then move your cursor to the top, the side-by-side view will expand, giving you access to a full workspace. What this means is that you don’t have to navigate elements around the canvas. You simply click on them and drag them to where they are needed. There is no need to exit the file, open a different app, and then switch to the element you want. You don’t have to free yourself from your desk. The side-by-side view of the new interface is much more efficient in performance, of course. Get rid of old crappy interface One of the main features of Photoshop Elements 9 is the redesign of the interface. The new interface is a lot easier to navigate. However, my feeling is that you are not going to feel like you are using Photoshop if you work in Elements. There’s no missing the windows. They are more integrated into the interface. Elements 9.0 is the perfect opportunity to get rid of that old interface that has a habit of showing things you don’t really need to know, like the size of the files, the channel number of your image, and layers. The good thing with the newer interface is that you can now see the things you need to do without having to go through the process of opening the files and checking out the details. You’ll have a much better workflow with Elements. Sketch mode 05a79cecff

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Safely Operating your Home Business Safely Operating your Home Business It’s exciting to follow your dreams and believe that you can make it in the world, but it’s scary to start a home business. Here are some tips that can help you steer your home business enterprise in the right direction. 1. Find the Right Location for Your Business. Your home provides a great atmosphere for your home business enterprise. Your private space where you hang out with friends and family is a prime location to create magic. If you want to turn your house into a home base for your home business, make sure it has a good location. You’ll want to make sure that the rooms in your house work well for your business. The following room are usually good locations for a home business: Your living room will be a great place to work and make creative decisions. Kitchen: This is a great area for working from home. You’ll have a place where you can connect with colleagues, friends and family. Any room in your home that has a window is a good location for a home business. 2. Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Big. Home businesses don’t have to be big. If you can find a niche market, a home business can be successful. If you have the skill for interior decorating, you can find a niche in that market. A home business enterprise may also be a good fit for someone who is skilled in some other area. For example, you may be great at interior decorating and home based real estate sales, or you could be a great yoga instructor who sells her services online. 3. Don’t Forget a Budget Money comes into a home business, and that money can come in from multiple directions. Your home business will require money to be spent on your location, your tools, your product, and your marketing. Creating a budget from the get-go can help you determine the amount of money that you’re going to need. 4. Buy and Create Your Own Business Starting your own business from scratch can seem daunting, but there are some things that you can do to make the transition easy. You can research best selling products on the Internet, or you can scout out marketing techniques that have proven successful by following an entrepreneurship blog. There are also many online courses that are designed to help entrepreneurs learn how to start and operate

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Fighting for our Future August 9, 2020 Dear Friends, The Holy Spirit of God continues to work in amazing ways in our modern day spiritual battleground. The Enemy’s attempt to prevent our heavenly Father’s plan for a “pre-millennial end-time” victory, is coming unraveled before our very eyes, just as it did with our late American President George Washington, and President Washington’s Vice President and Successor in Office—Charles Evans Hughes. The Lord’s calling upon our nation to fulfill its namesake and Commander-in-Chief—George Washington, has brought the curse of President Andrew Jackson upon our nation. The Evil doer—the Lord of this age has spoken clearly of the judgment to come upon this nation—“A people, who through envious tongues will not begin to shine, who is blinded by lust for gold and silver, who plucks off the beard, takes heed to the nose, pulls out the hair from the mans ears, And makes a covenant with the Canaanite, To serve hiss altars.” We are entering a time of the Highest Level of Light, Love and Fellowship in the Kingdom. The Enemy of Man has run amok, and is in full charge of our modern day society. The Supreme Court, the Congress of the United States, and a majority of the State Assemblies, have given President Trump and his Administration the legal cover they needed, to follow the instructions to “proceed” with the implementation of the new, Emergency, Christian Lifestyle, laws that were passed in October, 2019. These laws are being carried out at a level of speed, that most of the lesser-minded nations of the world cannot even comprehend. The Lord has ordained that a “Triumphant Christian Victory” is what He has in store for His chosen people and His coming King. But the Malice of the Evil One is taking a serious toll. The signs of the times are clearly manifesting the Lord’s preparedness to end this age, at a time, that He has chosen. The signs of the times are also manifesting the Satanic understanding of what the Lord has planned for the individual that has been given authority over the nations. This is truly a time of Serious Battle, in the hearts and souls of the living saints, and the Saints of God that have died. We must continue to maintain our spiritual boundaries in every aspect of our

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Windows 7/8/10 OS: 64-bit Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (1.8 GHz or faster) RAM: 2 GB DirectX: Version 9.0 or later Hard Drive: 15 GB available space Additional Notes: The game is also available for Mac. Changelog: v1.07 – Sep 13, 2015 Revised uninstaller for users who installed the game on an external drive v1.06 – Sep 3, 2015